Our origins

Antipy was started in June of 2018, with the goal of helping businesses with their information and technology needs. We wanted to make it easy for businesses to get a professional online presence and get access to specialized IT solutions. We have so far have helped many sectors, including education, arts, engineering, science and culture. Are you ready to reform your IT?

Profile Picture Daniël

Daniël Lizarazo Fuentes

When I became an essential character at Antipy, the company was just having its contours drawn. I helped Luca and Jaap realize their dream by taking on the financial and legal aspects of the business. Later on I also developed a large interest in designing and developing solutions for clients.

Profile Picture Jaap

Jaap Aarts

From the moment that I first saw a computer to now, I have had a passion for them. Especially for the art of programming. I obtained an interest in how things on the screen can happen by just typing some characters. Together with Luca, I grew this passion to a point at which we helped our school improve their schedule software.

Profile Picture Luca

Luca Casonato

The idea for this company came from me. Together with Jaap, I learned and developed my programming skills starting at age 6. After some time it grew from just being a passion for programming to much much more. Together with Jaap, we had our first projects as programmers of which some were at school.